Providing Local Honey

Honeymoon Hives LLC

Honey - Nature's Sweetener

Pure, unpasteurized honey. What could be more natural?

Honeymoon Hives' Honey is made by our Italian and Carniolan bees that feed on the wildflowers, basswood, clover, apple and pumpkin blossoms along with alfalfa.  Early spring honey is pale yellow and clear with a delicate flavor.  Summer to early fall honey tends to be a darker color based on the flora and has a more robust taste.

Honey is a natural resource of almost infinite variety. The color, aroma, and flavor of a particular honey depends on the nectar source. Apple blossom honey, for example, tastes entirely different from honey made by bees who feed on alfalfa.


Honey colors range from clear to amber to molasses-colored. One honey may smell like lemons, another like wildflowers. 

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Honeymoon Hives Honey